Stuyvesant Falls Bridge

Stuyvesant, NY

The Stuyvesant Falls Bridge was built in 1899 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company. This 202-foot span bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. However, the bridge had been closed to traffic due to severe deterioration of the trusses, floor beams, and stringers. Ryan-Biggs was selected by Columbia County to perform an in-depth structural inspection and evaluation of the historical steel curved-chord, Pratt-truss bridge. From the evaluation, we developed rehabilitation plans to bring the load capacity of the trusses and floor beams to HS-20 standards. The rehabilitation centered on the use of a patented arch/hanger/floor beam reinforcement system. The bridge deck was replaced, but the abutments only needed minor repairs. The Federal Highway Administration chose the Stuyvesant Falls Bridge as one of eight projects in the nation to receive the biennial Excellence in Highway Design award.