Bennington Monument

Bennington, VT

The Bennington Battle Monument was completed in 1891 on the occasion of Vermont’s Centennial, to commemorate a Revolutionary War battle. It is constructed of blue-grey magnesium limestone, and at 306 feet tall, with an additional 4 1/2-foot bronze star on top, it remains the tallest building in Vermont. Many stones on the monument were cracked, mortar joints were badly deteriorated, and the interior framing was rusted. Concern for the structural integrity of the internal staircase and the masonry exterior prompted the state of Vermont to retain Ryan-Biggs to evaluate the structure. Our report made recommendations for repairs and included a regular maintenance schedule to help preserve the structure. Because of funding, Ryan-Biggs performed two restoration projects; one in 1990 and the other in 2005. Each restoration included masonry repairs to the exterior: severely cracked stones were stapled with stainless steel staples; smaller cracks were sealed with silicon and backer rod; deteriorated mortar was repointed; spalled stones were repaired; and ventilation in the monument was improved. At the same time, interior repairs were made to the metal framing and stairs. Since the monument is the most popular historical attraction in the state, it remained open to the public while each project was performed.