Ryan-Biggs Winner of Two Engineering Excellence Awards

May 4 2009

Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C., a consulting firm specializing in structural engineering in Troy, NY, was named a Platinum winner in the Structural Systems category and a Gold Winner in the Studies, Research, and Consulting Engineering Services category in the 2009 American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York) Engineering Excellence Competition.

Selected for its structural engineering work on the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center at Fort Ticonderoga, Ryan-Biggs received the Platinum award for the successful completion of this state-of-the-art facility.  This award honors the vision of Fort Ticonderoga and the diligent efforts of the design and construction team for the eight-year endeavor that culminated in the grand opening of this historic reconstruction in 2008.

Fort Ticonderoga is a National Historic Landmark. The stone fort was built by the French military between 1755 and 1759 in New York on Lake Champlain. As British troops advanced in 1759, French troops evacuated the Fort, but not before blowing up the King's Magazine, "Le magasin du Roi." Following British and American occupation, the Fort fell into ruin until restoration was begun in the early 1900s.  "Le magasin du Roi" remained in ruin for nearly 240 years until planning for reconstruction began in 2000. The goal was to restore the Fort and create a historically accurate and environmentally friendly year-round educational facility to expand the Fort's importance to the community.

Le magasin du Roi has been reborn as the Deborah Clarke Mars Education Center, a faithful reconstruction of an 18th-century military building outside with a 21st century education center inside. It is the largest capital project undertaken by the Fort since it opened to the public, and it restores the original skyline, casting a shadow not seen since 1759.  Tonetti Associates Architects of New York City was the restoration architect.

Ryan-Biggs was also awarded a Gold award for development of a Prefabricated Masonry Wall System.

The NYLO hotel chain retained a specialty masonry contractor to construct a unique masonry wall system for its new hotels.  The new hotel concept is tailored after the lofts of New York City, including brick facades, brick interiors, exposed concrete, and large windows.  The masonry contractor challenged Ryan-Biggs to develop a method that would speed construction and achieve the architectural design. 

The result is that an innovative structural wall system that can be used on the owner's projects and most framed buildings in the United States.  Wall panels as large as 10'-8" high and 38 feet long with windows were developed.  The system has been used in Texas, Rhode Island, and Colorado.

The panel of ACEC New York judges consisted of members of the professional engineering community and construction industry, including military and government officials, organization presidents, members of the engineering press, and educators.  Judging was based on a number of criteria including original and innovative application of new or existing techniques, technical values to the engineering profession, social and economic consideration, project complexity, and meeting and exceeding client needs.  The awards were presented at a black-tie dinner dance at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

About ACEC New York

The American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York) was founded in 1921 and consists of 225 firms representing professional consulting engineers in private practice.  The organization's goal is to advocate consulting engineering and enhance the image and business practices of the professional engineering companies in the planning, design, and construction industry.  More information can be found on the association's Web site at

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