SubCat Music Studios

Syracuse, NY

Originally founded in Skaneateles, SubCat Music Studios, an independent recording studio, needed space to expand its services to include CD duplication and album art design.  The expansion brought them to historic Armory Square in Syracuse.  The project involved the renovation of a four-story, wood-framed building comprised of masonry bearing walls.  The first-floor wood framing was removed and replaced with a concrete slab on long-span, composite metal deck.  The metal deck clear spans between the existing masonry bearing walls, and the underside of the deck is the finished ceiling for the basement space below.  A 4-inch floating floor slab was placed above the composite slab system.  The floating slab was cast on masonry jack-up isolators and was raised 2 inches after it cured to provide an isolated floor system for the recording studios.  The renovated space includes two control rooms, four tracking rooms, an artist lounge, instrument suite, offices, and a glass-enclosed cafe, which is open to the public.