New York State United Teachers Headquarters

Latham, NY

Ryan-Biggs provided the structural design for a new four-story, 200,000-square-foot office building. Included in the project was the renovation of an existing one-story, 50,000-square-foot retail building. An open lobby area with skylights connects the single-story portion of the building to the first floor of the four-story area. A curved exterior wall was designed along the front of both the four-story and one-story portions to give the separate portions a united appearance. An auditorium was constructed within the one-story portion of the building, which required removing of a few of the building columns and reframing a portion of the roof. There is an open four-story-high atrium space within the office building which includes a monumental stair with cantilevered framing. A metal panel screen wall is constructed at the roof to hide rooftop mechanical equipment and to enhance the appearance of the building. The building is framed using structural steel supported by reinforced concrete spread footings. The floor framing consists of steel beams made with composite lightweight concrete floor slabs on metal deck. The exterior walls consist of brick veneer over metal stud framing with the veneer supported by structural steel lintels hung from the building framing. A strip window is located at the perimeter of the second floor, and areas of two-story-high, glazed-curtain walls are located at the third and fourth floors and at the corners of the building.